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The Linden Method Review – Hope For Sufferers Of Anxiety Disorders?

Review of: The Linden Method
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Charles Linden
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On June 24, 2012
Last modified:July 4, 2012


The Linden Method was developed by Charles Linden as a treatment for ALL high anxiety conditions and their symptoms.

I would like to welcome you, to the linden method review I have written could be some of the most important information you have ever read in relation to your disorder.

So please please please read on, and let me show you just how you could literally live a happy and unrestricted life!

If you would like to go directly to the Linden Method website…please do so by clicking here.

Suffer With Any Of These?

  • Anxiety
  • Agoraphobia
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Panic Attacks

Anyone who does, will know just how badly these anxiety disorders can affect our life, how they can literally control us in everything that we do. We have to factor these disorders into everything, our working life, our private life, our personal life!

However, from my own personal experiences I have found a method that really does work…well for me anyway! The Linden Method Review I am currently writing is aimed at sharing with you what I feel about the disorders, what help there is out there, and why the linden method was the one that finally beat off my anxiety!

So What Choices Do We Have?

Psychological Therapy?

We also know that these are extremely difficult to beat; it can literally take years of psychological treatment. The treatments currently available are simply not good enough, of course they help and in most cases it is the best we can hope for.


Of course there are medications too, that help us to cope. However, being doped up all the time will also have its own health risks for the future. These meds do little more than help us handle our conditions, but we want to be able to beat the conditions…RIGHT?

Self Help Book Techniques?

These are the new methods that are picking up some true acknowledgement in the field of anxiety disorders. However how do you know which ones are true to the cause or which ones are simply a money making method attempting to profit out of our unfortunate disorders?

However, the linden method book has been causing a huge buzz! This book of techniques, created after nearly 15 years of studies and research, has been gaining huge notoriety for the results it has been achieving. Having been featured on television, reviewed by magazines and health guru’s, is this really the answer to our problems?

The Linden Method

The Linden Method was developed by Charles Linden as a treatment for ALL high anxiety conditions and their symptoms and over 96.7% success at eliminating Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias.

According to Charles Linden (founder of the Linden Method)…

In the early 1900s two men pioneered research into the true nature of emotion and its relationship to the physical body, symptoms and illness and came up with a number of definitive conclusions. Those men were Carl Lange and William James. These two men’s work forms the foundation of modern emotional psychology.

The most important conclusion they came to forms the foundation for our understanding of how emotions are created, and what incredible physical impact thoughts can have on our bodies and health.

Their research concluded that an external catalyst, say a wild bear, is detected by your sensory organs and the body reacts with physical changes (anxiety symptoms) WITHOUT any conscious thoughts or emotions; in other words, the emotion of fear we experience during the anxiety response is physical and not emotional.

To demonstrate what I mean by this, next time you feel anxious, strip away all of the physical sensations you experience and you will find that nothing is left … the physical sensations ARE your experience of emotion!

There’s no secret, every single anxiety disorder, panic attack, phobia, OCD & PTSD sufferer on this planet has a condition that is caused and perpetuated by the same single thing; this thing is called the Amygdala, it’s a small almond shaped organ in the brain that CONTROLS the physical responses of anxiety (the symptoms you feel), this fact has been known for many years and is common knowledge amongst scientists world over.

No matter how bad your symptoms are, no matter how long you have had anxiety disorder, this tiny organ is 100% responsible. IT is the cause of your anxiety; not stress, bereavement or life circumstances they are just the triggers for the anxiety.

The Linden Method targets the Amygdala, it basically undoes the changes that have been made in the Amygdala. It erases the anxious reaction that causes your anxiety condition.

And the key thing is that no other therapeutic practice has the same dramatic affect – and this is confirmed by doctors, psychologists and academics around the world.

Furthermore, Charles claims…

Psychologist analysed my method over Christmas last year; and her conclusion That The Linden Method was, in fact, THE most powerful therapeutic device she had ever come across. This isn’t sales patter, this is hard, scientific truth.

I organized all of the results of all my findings into a simple structure that I could follow every day and it is this method that I developed for myself that began to work immediately.

My anxiety disorder, panic attacks, fears and phobias started to melt away, the depersonalization and de realization went and I stopped taking the medication. I started going out more, socializing, even taking holidays and soon realized that what I had discovered could be applied to any person suffering from a wide range of anxiety related conditions. I went from being housebound to working again within 2 weeks – after nearly eight years of panic attacks and acute anxiety and this is the same experience that my clients tell me about every day.

In total they have helped 150,000 people overcome their anxiety disorders. This is the success rate which brought them international media coverage, and is now even suggested by doctors and health officials as a reliable treatment for anxiety related disorders.

13 Years Of Research, Studies And Commitment In The Field

This is not some magical discovery overnight; this solution has been the result of over a decade of hard work and total commitment on the part of Charles Linden and his team. It is unique from any other claimed cure for anxiety, “How?” you ask…because it actually works!

“With so many success stories, endorsements and positive reviews, the linden method is changing people’s lives for the better.”

Imagine being able to stop any form of anxiety attack before it even happens? This is not just about coping with an attack when it happens; it is STOPPING it from ever happening again!

I know it sounds like I am pushing hard on this, however this all comes from my own personal experience with this method. I have spent half my life battling with not only OCD but panic attacks as well.

I tried almost everything; I have spent more hours in a psychologists chair than I have at the dinner table…that’s how it feels anyway. No other method has been this successful in the 15 years I have been suffering.

What Do They offer?

They offer their book of methods and techniques, coupled with 24/7 access to fully qualified psychologists, ready to assist you in any situation you may feel anxiety coming on.

  • Free support from qualified psychologists, via email and telephone.
  • The Linden Method Video

The Linden Method Video – a specially produced feature length video to accompany your manual; This video would normally retail at $40 but is yours FREE for just trying the Linden Method.

  • The Linden Method Audio

When you download the Linden Method, you will be given access to SIXTEEN specially produced audio tracks.You will be guided through the Linden Method and shown how to use the most unique and powerful anti-anxiety techniques available anywhere. (Sold separately these tracks are worth $198, but are yours FREE for trying the Linden Method.)

  • FREE Unlimited Counselling For 1 year
  • Stress Free In 30 Days (book)
  • Journey Out of Agrophobia (book)
  • 5 X one hour TV shows detailing exactly what anxiety conditions are, how they are formed, and how to overcome them swiftly
  • Fast track to recovery video

They offer a full 6 month money back offer, handy if you feel it is not working for you. However with a claimed 97% success rate, there is little chance of you will be taking up that guarantee.


My Personal Result With TLM

Words simply cannot explain how much my life is different. I feel free, free from the restrictions my disorders gave me. Don’t get me wrong, I still do have these disorders, but because I have learnt how to completely control them, I will never have a high enough anxiety level to suffer any form of attack.

All of those are made do-able simply because of the linden method. Thinking I could do any of those things 12 months ago would have sent shivers down my spine. My life is back…back how I Iove it!

To Summarize!

Please for your own sake; take a look at the linden methods website…even if it is just to learn more about what they offer, Click Here.  The Linden method review I wrote, has hopefully inspired you to make that final push and change your life. Thank you for reading, and I wish you all the success in your daily struggles with whichever anxiety disorders you suffer with.

The Linden Method was developed by Charles Linden as a treatment for ALL high anxiety conditions and their symptoms.

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