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BrightSpark™ Review – A Natural Alternative To ADHD

Review of: BrightSpark™
Natural ADHD tablets by:
Native Remedies

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On July 16, 2012
Last modified:May 11, 2014


BrightSpark is a natural homeopathic ADHD remedy to calm hyperactivity plus improve concentration.

Anyone who has a child with ADHD will know the daily struggles that it entails, not just for him but for the whole family. They seem to be so full of energy while we feel dead on our feet trying to just keep up with them.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a very common disorder for children as young as three and right up into their teens, sometimes even further. The symptoms can often hold your child back in his mental development as well as get him into trouble at school.

This trouble in school lead to your child feeling alienated, when this is combined with the other symptoms of ADHD it can lead to many mistakes being made in early life, which can result in drug use and criminal behavior.

ADHD affects millions of families each and every day. The symptoms of ADHD will differ from case to case and in severity, however in general a child with ADHD will have trouble learning, concentrating and managing their very own impulsivity.

Those are just a selection of the symptoms that are associated with ADHD children. So as you know keeping them under control is always going to prove to be difficult. However, what the doctor says is not always for the best.

A doctor gets paid to prescribe medications, not holistic treatments. Which means many will try to convince us that these stimulant drugs are the best option for our kids, however if we actually weigh up the risks involved, they simply are not.

A good doctor should at least advise you that there are other suitable treatments available for ADHD, and many will…but not all. It would actually be a good day in history once holistic medications are able to be offered by traditional doctors.

Why We Should Avoid Traditional Treatments

The treatments generally used for ADHD have long been controversial, with the medications safety constantly being put in to question. This is the reason many more people are turning to other alternatives to treat their child’s ADHD.

When your child is diagnosed with ADHD, you will usually be offered stimulant drugs for his treatment. These can be effective in certain cases; however in my eyes the risks outweigh the positives.

The Side Effects Are Worse Than The Symptoms Of ADHD All On Their Own!

The side effects, potential for addiction and the long term health issues that can be attributed to these drugs, are a complete turn off. Especially when the treatment does little more than suppress the symptoms, it doesn’t work at the core of the problems.

These drugs simply dope up our kids, and turn them into former ghosts of themselves. Is that what we really want? I know I certainly don’t.

Then there are the side effects, these stimulants can inhibit your child’s appetite, deprive him of sleep, and cause hallucinations as well as nausea. Stimulant drugs are amphetamine based too, amphetamines are highly addictive. Some of the most addictive narcotics in the world are amphetamine based, such as speed and meth amphetamine.

Is Native Remedies BrightSpark™ The Alternative Cure?

Bright Spark are tablets that are 100 percent natural, and they offer a good and healthy alternative to treating ADHD symptoms. This supplement is aimed purely at children with ADHD and is registered with the FDA.

The Benefits That Bright Spark Offers:

  • Reduction In Restless Behavior
  • Increased Concentration Levels
  • Able To Listen More Coherently
  • Enables The Child To Relax
  • Offers A Reduction In Impulsive Behavior
  • Decrease In Irritable Moods

As you can see, the benefits this supplement has for the symptoms of ADHD in children are excellent. The fact that they are recognized and follow the standards set by the FDA can also offer nothing but confidence to us as consumers.

Here are some REAL testimonials from happy parents:

BirghtSPark (and Focus Formula) from Native Remedies has been a wonderful product for our family. My kids have used this for 6 years, with great improvement in their grades and behavior, and they have made friends they never would have. These two products are definitly worth a try for any parent whose kids have behavior or learning problems.

by Chris Williams

My son is 5 and was diagnosed ADHD. Tried traditional meds with no success! He has been taking Brightspark and Focus formula for 5 weeks!! What a difference!! He is more relaxed and focused. He is still slightly impulsive but nothing like he was! Love it!!!!

by speechteach

My son Joshua is already showing signs of improving at school after 10 days. I am hopeful he will continue to improve with the continued use of Brightspark.

- Lorrie, MI

Bright Spark gives us an alternative to the medications that are freely offered to our children. No more long term health risks, no more addictions and no more side effects.

  • No Side Effects
  • Completely Natural
  • FDA Approved
  • One Year Money Back Guarantee

Just a few more reasons to give NativeRemedies Bright Spark a try as they offer an excellent 1 year money back guarantee, what do you have to lose?

A Little Look At The Ingredients In Bright Spark

The four core ingredients found in NativeRemedies Bright Spark are:

Arsen Lod – This is very beneficial at controlling any impulsive outbursts. It enables a child to control their temper more whilst also allowing for calmer moods.

Hyoscyamus – This ingredient can relieve any disruptive behavior and generally calm the child. The overall calming effect it offers helps with any hyperactivity and restlessness whilst also allowing for better concentration.

Tuberculinum – Superb for treating irritability and impatience. It also helps to stop your child fidgeting and moving from one place to another.

Verta Alb – A nerve soothing drug which helps with attacks of hyperactivity and destructive behavioral issues.

BrightSpark™ Is That Alternative!

If you have come to the decision that you wish to go down the holistic path, Native Remedies’ Bright Spark is most definitely the best option for you and your ADHD child. No side effects and results that is actually better than stimulant drugs anyway.

Herbal supplements and treatments are really starting to push traditional medicines back, the true benefits found in natural ingredients are even making pharmaceutical companies sit up and take notice.

You can take a little tour of the Bright Spark website by CLICKING HERE.

BrightSpark is a natural homeopathic ADHD remedy to calm hyperactivity plus improve concentration.

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